New task force sets out future skills requirements for workers

Organisations from the education and employment sectors, including Business in the Community, have united to build a universal framework of essential skills for workplaces of the future.

Building on the Skills Builder Framework, the task force, including representatives from CIPD, The Careers & Enterprise Company, Business in the Community, the Gatsby Foundation, EY Foundation and the Skills Builder Partnership, will highlight the skills required for workers to thrive, as well as how these can be developed.

The universal framework for essential skills will aim to make educators aware of the skills employers want, which will help students join the workforce and employers to hire the right people.

Employers will be consulted on the new framework and the final version is set to published in spring 2020.

Christine Hodgson, Chairman of Capgemini in the UK, Chairman of The Careers & Enterprise Company and a trustee of Business in the Community, said:

“As an employer, we want to make sure we’re recruiting people with the right skills to thrive in the 21st century workplace. But without a common language and shared understanding, it can be difficult for employers to identify easily or communicate what they’re looking for. And it’s harder for schools to make sure they’re focusing on developing the right skills. By helping schools, young people and employers all pull in the same direction, this work will help us prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work.”

For more information, visit CIPD's website.

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