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New White Paper highlights the benefits of travel and volunteering experiences

A white paper released this month by Brighton-based volunteer travel company i-to-i has highlighted the benefits for businesses of hiring employees with volunteer travel experience.

Soft skills developed through volunteering are invaluable for employees within a business. Skills like confidence, interpersonal communication and leadership are what make employees stand-out and we would very much encourage them to be honed through volunteer travel

- Jason Woodford,
Chief Executive at SiteVisibility

Research undertaken with contributions from SiteVisibility, City & Guilds, Just Giving and other organisations found that 80% of volunteer travellers had increased their confidence, 79% had increased their independence and 62% said their outlook had become more positive.

These skills can enable employees to adapt easily to challenges and succeed in the workplace, enhancing job satisfaction and overall happiness. Considering the high cost of replacing employees, the benefits of a happy workforce are clear.

40% of volunteer travellers said that, following their experience, they had enhanced communication, decision making and team building skills. 30% of respondents also felt their leadership, organisational and foreign language skills had improved, all of which are highly valuable traits for businesses.

Claire Biddle, Business Development Manager at i-to-i, said; “By hiring candidates who have developed soft skills through volunteer travel, employers can benefit from a better-rounded and fulfilled work force who can adapt easily to challenges in the workplace.”

Further information on the research and the white paper can be found on the i-to-i website.