Office for National Statistics (ONS): Employment is up but vacancies fall sharply since start of the year – Business in the Community comments

Nicola Inge, employment director at Business in the Community, commented:
“The uptick in employment points to a continued thriving UK jobs market, but the sharp decline in vacancies since the start of the year is symptomatic of businesses tightening belts as they prepare for further political and economic uncertainty with a no-deal Brexit on the horizon.
“There is a danger of businesses taking a more short-term view, so we may see an increase in gig economy and zero hours contract work as businesses weigh up the balance between what needs to be delivered and risk.

“Businesses must not lose sight of what “good work” means in what could turn into a race to the bottom. We know that job quality, employee health and wellbeing and productivity are mutually dependent. It’s in every business’ interest to offer good work. Good quality employment helps people to feel motivated and engaged – an important factor in solving the UK’s productivity challenge.”

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