ONS Personal and Economic Wellbeing report – Business in the Community urges business to communicate with staff clearly in the months ahead

Responding to the ONS Personal and Economic Wellbeing report published this morning, Amanda Mackenzie, chief executive of Business in the Community, commented:

“If this latest survey is anything to go by, the British public has got its finger firmly on the pulse of the UK economy.

“Prescient Brits have been expecting higher unemployment and for the general economic situation to deteriorate, and following last week’s negative GDP number they may well be proved right.

“With a no-deal Brexit looming, the UK economy is arguably at its most crucial juncture for a decade and it’s no surprise people feel less secure about their jobs and the broader economic picture.

“In 10 weeks or so we could be entering the economic and political unknown and this uncertainty is understandably on people’s radars.

“It’s crucial that businesses of all sizes communicate with their staff clearly and openly in the months ahead.

“Staff anxiety levels will almost certainly increase if we enter a turbulent period for the UK economy and businesses have a key role to play in their employees’ wellbeing, not just economic but personal.

“We’re urging all firms to take into account the impact of Brexit concerns on their staff and help mitigate them in whatever way possible.”


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