Responsible business news round-up 15-19 August 2016

Summary of key responsible business stories from the UK national press for the week commencing 15 August 2016.

(£) = Paywalled article

Diversity and equality

Job applicants to be asked if they are middle class The Times (£) 
Life chances of black and ethnic minority Britons at lowest level The Independent 
What distinguishes a successful equality initiative from the rest?  HR Magazine



Low paid told not to expect post Brexit boost in wages Times (£)
Pre-referendum surge brings big rise in number of EU workers in UK The Guardian 
Treasury document reveals every major bank expects post-Brexit recession The Independent 



Firms offered £2,000 incentive to take on apprentices BBC
A traditional degree won’t guarantee you a top job Mail 
Less than half given apprenticeship information at school HR Magazine
School students want more employment assistance HR Magazine



Most employers willing to pay more than typical apprenticeship wage HR Magazine
UK jobs figures stronger than expected  FT (£)



Could public support for renewables derail UK fracking and nuclear projects? Edie
July 2016 was world's hottest month since records began, says Nasa The Guardian 
Home nations continue to set waste strategy example for England  Edie 
World's largest offshore wind farm receives go-ahead from UK Government Edie 
Africa droughts prompt calls to start pumping untapped groundwater The Guardian 


Governance and ethics

Governments of all stripes have failed on energy, say business leaders  Edie 


Health and wellbeing

Fight-or-flight response may be calmed by yoga and pilates, say scientists Daily Telegraph


Responsible business

Toyota tops list of greenest companies for clean energy revenue  Edie



Government austerity to blame for 30% rise in homelessness The Independent 
More former inmates sent back to prison The Times (£) 
UK consumers would pay 10% more for sustainable products  Blue & Green Tomorrow 



Yes, zero hours work can be banned: New Zealand has just done it The Guardian
Managers a leading cause of workplace stress HR Magazine