Scottish Government’s new Labour Market Strategy describes commitment to Scottish National Action Plan for Responsible Business

A "top priority" for the Scottish Government, the new strategy outlines how the government will put fairness at the heart of its drive to develop a skilled workforce capable of meeting future economic demands.

It provides a framework for the Scottish Government’s approach to the labour market, and describes the actions it will take to deliver its vision, including its commitment to BITC Scotland’s Scottish National Action Plan for Responsible Business (SNAP-RB)

Responding to the strategy Jane Wood, Managing Director of Business in the Community Scotland said:

"A strong and fair labour market is a critical pre-condition for the achievement of sustained and inclusive growth, which is a hallmark of a successful business. As the organisation which leads the responsible business agenda and with one in five of all employees being employed by our business membership we welcome Scottish Government's creation of a Labour Market Strategy.

"This is a huge step forward and one which shows Scotland as leading the way globally in its commitment to responsible business. We are particularly pleased that the Labour Market Strategy describes a commitment which is shared by our members and with Scottish Government to create a Scottish National Action Plan for Responsible Business.

"This is a unique collaboration in which businesses will work together and with government to set the agenda for more inclusive growth for business and society."

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