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Richard Gratton

Richard worked for Asda for 18 years, running five stores of varying sizes and in five regions. He has been a Senior Director... Read more

Polly Jones, Senior Manager – Corporate Affairs, Scotland

Polly has worked for Asda, Scotland’s second largest private sector employer, for four years. She works closely with political... Read more

Chris Brown, Sustainable Business Director, ASDA

Chris is the Sustainable Business Director at ASDA. Previous to this, Chris worked in Government before joining the Meat and... Read more

Lynne Tooms

About Lynne

I've worked in fashion retailing since 1993 starting at New Look, moving to Next and I’ve been at George... Read more

Helen Milford, Vice President, People Operations, Customer Services, Asda Stores

Helen is not only recognised as a talented leader within Asda, she is credited with developing a number of other talented... Read more

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