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The Kelda Group provides water and sewerage services to domestic and business customers across the UK. Kelda’s main subsidiary is Yorkshire Water, which provides water and sewerage services to 4.7 million people and 130,000 businesses in the Yorkshire region. We have 2,500 colleagues and rely on a huge network of more than 700 treatment works, 130 reservoirs and 62,000 miles of mains to transport water around the whole county using our unique grid system. Kelda Water Services (KWS) is a leading water and waste water contract operations company, delivering large scale and long-term infrastructure solutions throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


20 January 2016 03:54 pm
In the wake of the serious floods which affected communities in the north of England and Scottish borders this winter, we spoke to water companies and BITC Water Taskforce members Yorkshire Water and...

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