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Membership Contribution

Membership is open to all companies and organisations, regardless of size, location or experience in managing their business in a responsible and sustainable way.

We're a charity and the annual membership fee your organisation contributes is a charitable donation, exempt of VAT.

We determine your membership fee by calculating the size of your organisation using the following criteria: turnover, total assets and total number of employees. The four fee bands are as follows:

Turnover Total assets # Employees Annual contribution
Under £75m Under £75m Under 500 £4,100
£75m-£250m £75m-£125m 500-1500 £6,900
£250m-£500m £125m-£250m 1,500-3,000 £10,900
£500m+ £250m+ 3,000+ £14,500

These prices are valid until 31 December 2017.

Key contact

To discuss membership of Business in the Community, please contact our Membership Team on 020 7566 8650