Download the BITC member planter

Introducing a new Planter for members of Business in the Community, helping your company showcase that it is part of The Prince’s Responsible Business Network, a movement working towards a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

We ask members to use this planter to promote their membership and participation. The Planter can be used in your communications, throughout your offices, in your shop windows or at your reception desk to spread the word that your business is part of this movement.

Some simple ways to start using the Planter mark:

  • on your website

  • on your intranet

  • on your business cards

  • on your email footer

  • on your office mugs

However you use it, we hope it helps to communicate that your company is on the responsible business journey.

Contact us to find out how we can support you in using this Planter to create a powerful impact.

Please note, only members of Business in the Community can use this Planter, non members can use the Supporter's Planters.

Your company must be a member of BITC in order to proceed.