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World Oceans Day – Eight steps every business can take to make a difference

Gudrun Cartwright Fri, 2018-06-08 06:00

Plastic is an incredible material that makes modern life possible.  However, recent months have seen the impact plastic waste is having on our oceans brought to the fore.  From Sky’s Ocean Rescue...

World Environment Day 2018

Gudrun Cartwright Tue, 2018-06-05 11:34

On World Environment Day 2018, Gudrun Cartwright, Environment Director at Business in the Community reflects on how businesses can take simple actions to start...

Healthy communities, healthy environments

Gudrun Cartwright Sun, 2018-05-20 05:53

Gudrun Cartwright, Business in the Community Environment Director invites all businesses to...

Mental Health at Work bubble people

Mental health affects everyone directly or indirectly; share your experiences on Mental Health

Louise Aston Sun, 2018-05-13 22:33

Louise Aston, Business in the Community Wellbeing Director encourages everyone to take the Mental Health at Work survey as mental health effects everyone. ...

It’s all on the Map

Stephen Farrant Thu, 2018-04-26 21:15

Stephen Farrant, Director of Sustainability, Innovation and Sectors on why purpose-driven leaders are essential. 

It seems as though map reading, much like driving cars and...

Large white hands holding a person

Wellbeing is firmly on the agenda at Anglian Water, Responsible Business of the Year

webeditor Thu, 2018-04-26 18:10

Susannah Clements, Director of People at Anglian Water shares why the wellbeing of the workforce is so important to Anglian Water and launches a new initiative for...

High Streets are the UK’s shop window

Jane Pritchard Wed, 2018-04-25 17:10

Jane Pritchard, Business in the Community's Enterprise Director, discusses how the state of high streets give us an insight into their local area. She argues that if...

Wales needs a purpose beyond profit

David Hoare Wed, 2018-04-25 09:00

As part of Responsible Business Week 2018, Matt Appleby (Director, BITC Cymru) considers the kind of business Wales needs. 

Wales needs a purpose beyond profit if it is to succeed...

Environment – Water Resources East and the future of multisector water resource planning

webeditor Tue, 2018-04-24 17:11

Jean Spencer of Anglian Water speaks of collaborative working and multi-sector, regional...

Large white hands holding a person

Wellbeing – fuelling progression and innovation

Louise Aston Tue, 2018-04-24 12:31

Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director at Business in the Community, on how we can use innovations in SMEs to ensure employee wellbeing is a core component of responsible...