Driving Change for CR


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This course, jointly developed by BITC and Cranfield University, will give you the tools you need to get traction on your company's corporate responsibility programme.

ILM: This course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Managment as a Management Development Project


Who should attend?

The course is designed for anyone with responsibility for integrating and embedding aspects of corporate responsibility within their organisation. You may be a CR Manager or have responsibility for a specific aspect of CR. Your job is to drive change through the organisation to increase financial, social and environmental performance.

Cranfield University School of Mangement logoThe course assumes a basic level of corporate responsibility knowledge.

How to Book

To reserve a place on this course please contact Muhsen Ahmed on 020 7566 8794. Discounts may be available for delegates from SMEs with fewer than 250 employees.

What will I get out of attending?

At the end of this course, attendees should:

  • know how to recognise their organisational context and the related enablers and barriers to implementing change for corporate responsibility

  • understand which tools to use to drive change

  • be able to identify the change their corporate responsibility program is trying to create, how to prioritise issues and manage change projects

  • understand how to effectively drive change from their position in the organisation

Their organisations will benefit from:

  • A bespoke Action Plan for initiating a specific change program for corporate responsibility

  • More effective identification and delivery of financial, social and environmental goals

  • A more efficient and effective approach to integrating corporate responsibility

Course outline

Understanding your change context - evaluating your organisation's corporate responsibility maturity and values, the specific issues you face, and your own skills and capabilities.

Using change management for corporate responsibility - what changes are required to integrate CR, and what enablers, obstacles and drivers exist. Special attention is given to driving change from a position of limited authority.

Change management tools and techniques - how to use them to provide a clear case for change, overcome obstacles and leverage enablers.

Managing change - how to break down your initiative into manageable parts, continuous communication, conflict management, Key Performance Indicators and timelines

Company guest speaker - a speaker from a leading company which has undergone successful change will present their approach to corporate responsibility and managing change