Good Work for All: Business Roundtable


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Central London

UK employment rates are at a record high, but recent years have seen an increase in poverty in working households, with 1 in 8 UK workers living in poverty. With increasing pressures on recruitment combined with compelling evidence that financial concerns can hamper employee productivity, lower engagement and lead to greater absence rates, offering good work is more important than ever.  

At this Good Work for All employer workshop delegates will hear from expert speakers and work with peers to explore:

  • Labour market trends and the case for improving working lives
  • The key qualities of ‘good work’ and how you can benefit by making practical changes to your employment offer
  • Inspirational case studies of good practice

If you are interested in attending, please contact for more information.

Good Work for All is a BITC initiative supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which aims to transform the labour market to improve working lives, partnering with businesses to bring about change.