Transforming workplace mental health


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Business in the Community is launching our second Mental Health at Work report on 4 October based on national mental health at work survey findings undertaken by YouGov and kindly sponsored by Mercer.
This webinar will discuss the key findings, recommendations, good employer practice and the calls to action contained in the report. 

In 2016 we undertook a national survey to understand the reality of how mental health is experienced at work.  The survey results tell us that progress is being made but there is a need for greater organisational awareness of the support required for better mental health at work. Significant and potentially damaging disconnects exist that demand an urgent response from business.


Employers need to recognise the scale of poor mental health in the workplace and take significant steps to reduce the risk of their workplace being a contributor.  Employers have a duty of care to their employees to respond to mental ill health just as they
would to a physical illness.  Organisations should equip their managers with the tools, support and organisational culture they need to do their job well, which must include managing employees with mental health issues. It makes good business sense to foster a culture of openness that supports employees with a mental health issue to work and stay in work.

In October we will launch this year's report and by joining the webinar you will be better able to understand the key findings, recommendations, and calls to action. Mental health through the lens of age, gender and ethnicity will be a feature of the report. 

This webinar is part of the Companies Doing Better by Doing Good series of events.