Announcing the launch of our Global Relief and Resilience Hub

The Hub alerts businesses and humanitarian organisations to crises as they develop and helps to facilitate long-lasting relationships by strengthening both business to humanitarian, and business to business collaboration.

When disaster strikes BITC helps to mobilise business in to action. Through contacting humanitarian organisations, government bodies and businesses we are able to match business contributions with humanitarian needs. This is then used to inspire others to collaborate and act. Where this is currently a manual process, we have been designing an online tool that will facilitate the ‘match’ and allow businesses and humanitarian organisations to collaborate faster.

We are excited to now be able to share The Global Relief and Resilience Hub with you. It has been developed with support from Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Department for International Development. This Hub generates opportunities for businesses to engage with NGOs to create new partnerships. Designed to be used from both the office and the field you it connects humanitarian needs with business offers.

With greater clarity on humanitarian needs and events as they unfold there has never been an easier way for businesses to explore their response to International Disasters. You can start today by registering online and identifying your offer of skills, services and products, or you can browse through the latest requests to see where your business can help to meet a need. Once you spot a match simply pair the offer and request together.

Click here to register on the Global Relief Resilience Hub.