Business in the Community and Career Ready to address employee engagement ‘cold spots’

Today it was announced that Business in the Community and Career Ready have been jointly awarded funding to support young people in education in Southend, Ipswich and Thurrock, areas identified by the Careers and Enterprise Company as ‘cold spots’, where young people have limited access to quality employer engagement.

The award comes from the Careers and Enterprise Company, a government backed organisation launched to ‘join the dots’ in careers and enterprise provision across England.

Business in the Community working with Careers and Enterprise Company

Through this fund they are looking to support organisations with a proven track record and successful programmes that increase the number of encounters young people have with employers while in education which, according to research1, dramatically reduces their chances of becoming NEET and increases future salary by, on average 18%. 

Career Ready is a UK wide charity focussed on linking employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people. They offer a structured programme of study for 16-19 year olds, that sits alongside students’ school or college coursework. Business in the Community’s Business Class programme has connected 500 schools to over 1000 businesses across the UK, offering businesses the opportunity to support schools across all aspects of school life.

This joint project means employers in Thurrock, Ipswich and Southend will be able to engage with young people aged 11-18 in a structured and effective way to provide credible and impactful careers and enterprise activity.

Anne Spackman, Chief Executive of Career Ready, said:

“This investment is important recognition by the CEC for our programme and for the work that our schools, colleges and employers have been doing for years. We know that regular contact with employers can open a young person’s eyes to the range of careers available and the skills and attitude needed to get started.

With this endorsement we continue to shape the developing careers landscape.”

Susie Perrett, Education Director at Business in the Community said;

“We are delighted to be working with Career Ready, like BITC they have strong support among UK employers and are cited for best practice in government careers guidance. They also share BITC’s focus on ensuring that all young people, regardless of their social background, build successful working lives.

"This programme enables us to support schools who currently have limited partnerships with businesses to build long term, sustainable relationships and ensure young people get direct access to local and national employers.”

For more information contact Annie Gosling, Events and Communications Manager, Education.

Click here for more information on the Careers and Enterprise Company Investment Fund.

1Young adults who have greater levels of contact with employers whilst at school are significantly less likely to be NEET and can expect, when in full-time employment, to earn up to 18% more than peers who had no such workplace exposure. Source: Percy, C & Mann, A. 2014. “School-mediated employer engagement and labour market outcomes for young adults Wage premia, NEET outcomes and career confidence” in Mann et al, eds. Understanding Employer Engagement in Education. London & New York: Routledge.