New Business Connectors get to work

11 new Business Connectors from six companies are starting their secondments in communities across the UK this month after receiving training from Business in the Community.

Business Connectors are talented individuals from business who are seconded to BITC to work in communities of greatest need.  Their companies fully fund their secondment and while they are part of the programme they are BITC employees. 

By making connections between voluntary organisations and the businesses operating locally to them, Business Connectors have a huge impact on the communities they work within.

The newest set of recruits includes the first Connectors to be seconded by retailer Argos and business law firm DWP, as well as the first secondee to a community in Scotland.  The new Connectors are (L-R in picture above):

Sonia Wood – Newcastle East, seconded from Greggs

Rob Walker – Birmingham Ladywood, seconded from Lloyds Banking Group

Anne Wilson – Southampton, seconded from Waitrose

Sonya Arcos – Torquay, seconded from Royal Mail

Mark Bridges - Mansfield, seconded from Lloyds Banking Group

Karen Willis – Stevenage, seconded from Lloyds Banking Group

Sonia Randall – Blyth, seconded from Greggs

Grant Brighten – Peterborough, seconded from Argos

Simon Price – Liverpool Toxteth and Wavetree, seconded from DWF

Elaine Gorman – trialling the programme in Scotland, SW Edinburgh, seconded from Royal Mail

Dave Willis – Tottenham, seconded from Argos

Find out more about the Business Connector programme on the website, or contact Ruth Wheatley ( if your company is interested in seconding a Connector.