Helena Morrissey CBE- Working with Opportunity Now To Find Solutions

Helena Morrissey CBE, Chief Executive Officer Newton Investment Management, founder of 30% Club and Chair of Opportunity Now.

I am delighted to be taking on the Chair of Opportunity Now at this vital time for making change on women’s progression and women in leadership.  Alison Platt has made a huge contribution as Chair for the last four years and as a long term board member.  I look forward to continuing her work in scaling up the impact of the campaign, collaborating with members and partners to drive forward the pace of change for women at work.

As founder of the 30% Club I have long admired the work of Opportunity Now. Through my work on women on boards it has become clear that we need to develop the executive pipeline to see real change at the top.  A strong executive pipeline requires an organisation to be able to promote, develop and make the most of its talented women.   There are real barriers that need to be tackled, and Opportunity Now has the insight, research, tools and networks that employers need to drive cultural change. 

In addition to its focus on gender balance in leadership progression, Opportunity Now campaigns for unbiased recognition and reward, and for agile work cultures that are fit for the future. 

This powerful legacy of campaigning, and knowledge of why making progress on women at work is a business issue, as well as a moral imperative, is why I am proud to be taking on the Chair of Opportunity Now. 

As Chair, I intend to spark a broad debate about how we tackle the complex reasons why women are not paid as much or promoted as often as men.  This will take time, patience and intense collaboration.  I look forward to working with you to find solutions. 


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