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Blog by Kathryn Nawrockyi, Director, Opportunity Now

 Opportunity Now has launched its biggest campaign ever – Project 28-40. The survey is aiming to reach 100,000 women of all ages across the UK and ROI to find out what it’s really like to be a working woman in the new millennium. We want women to help us answer some big questions: what is important to women, what are their ambitions and how do they make choices in life?  How effective is the current level of support and career development opportunities for women in work? What impact does workplace culture have on their careers? And what influences some women to leave their employer or leave the workforce altogether?

We want to hear from women of all ages, on every rung of the career ladder, as well as those who are no longer working. Although the survey will focus on women aged between 28 and 40, as this is the age where women’s career progression slows compared to men, everyone who responds to the survey will help us to create a clearer picture of women’s experiences.

Last month the World Economic Forum published a report ranking the UK 18th for gender equality, with the ‘glass ceiling’ of opportunity for women in politics and business singled out as the main reason for the lack of progress. Women are also under-represented in many of the highest paid industries, such as engineering and technology, and are three times as likely to be in part-time work as men, whether that’s due to caring responsibilities or simply not being able to find full-time employment in a tough economic climate. Despite the gender pay gap narrowing in recent years, women are still paid an average of 10.2% less than men for the same job. And anyone who follows the Everyday Sexism Twitter feed will know the tales of workplace discrimination against women that are sadly all too common.

But we want to get beyond the statistics – to find out exactly what women want and need to help them achieve their ambitions, both inside and outside the workplace. That’s why we’re calling on women to promote the campaign to their peers – to tell us their story, and then pass the survey on to help us send the message far and wide. Post the link on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. Email it to your team, your office or your whole organisation. Contact your university or school alumni association, or the mailing list of a group you take part in. Or simply tell someone about it over a coffee. Whatever you do, by sharing the survey and your experiences, you’ll be part of the UK’s largest ever gender equality survey, and will help us to work with employers and take action to improve the status quo for women.

100,000 women is a hugely ambitious target and we can only do it with your help. Come and tell us your stories. We’re listening.

Read and download the findings at Project 28-40