Suzanne Baxter Deputy Chair of Opportunity Now - Why Workplace Equality Is Important

Suzanne Baxter, Group Finance Director, MITIE Group Plc, and Deputy Chair of Opportunity Now

Why is Opportunity Now’s work towards gender equality in the workplace important to you?

I believe that it is important for all organisations to optimise the contribution they can gain from their talented people. Opportunity Now’s focus on gender equality provides an important contribution to this aim, and supports the impact that women can have in the UK workforce.
The campaign is also strengthened by the range of organisations and people that it supports in the UK’s workplaces. Opportunity Now doesn’t just focus on women progressing to board level, but provides encouragement and support to women throughout all stages of their career, from junior staff, to team roles, to management level and above, through different ways of working and aims to enhance their contribution to our economy throughout their careers. Opportunity Now helps employers analyse, recognise and optimise the valuable contribution women in work can make.

Why you are on Opportunity Now’s board?

I’ve always had an interest in equality in the workplace, and the Opportunity Now Advisory Board provides a forum in which to share this enthusiasm and learn from similar minded business people from a range of sectors and roles.I’ve been on the Opportunity Now board for around nine years, and in this time I have seen significant changes in the interest of private, public and third sectors in women’s contribution to the workplace. This in turn has driven more open and frank debate on related issues, whether it is equal pay, women on boards, progression and maternity rights. 

What are you looking forward to working towards as Deputy Chair?

I'm very much looking forward to working with Helena and developing the contribution Opportunity Now can make to its member organisations.
Opportunity Now has a strong track record of expertise in and knowledge of this subject. This, combined with new strategic priorities for the campaign, means that there is real potential for Opportunity Now to develop them further whilst working with other organisations in this arena to reinforce the campaigns position as the expert on women in the workplace in the UK.

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