Workwell Benchmark Has Good News For Diversity

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Lousie Aston, Business in the Community Workwell


Workwell benchmark has good news for diversity

Results of our first BITC Workwell FTSE 100 benchmark were published today, scoring the level of publicly available information on employee engagement and wellbeing.  Diversity and Inclusion was the highest scoring area out of a total of 25 indicators, highlighting the importance our leading businesses place on equal opportunities.

Our Workwell benchmark was developed in response to research showing a positive link between strong people management and organisational performance; FTSE 100 companies that have robust arrangements for reporting on employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10 per cent. The benchmark also responded to investor demands for a standardised measurement of employee management that could inform their investment decisions. 

FTSE 100 organisations were scored by Towers Watson across the five areas of the Workwell Model: Better Work; Better Relationships; Better Specialist Support; Better Physical and Psychological Health; and Working Well.  The second highest scoring indicator was Health and Safety.  When this is put alongside Diversity and Inclusion it shows how important compliance is to drive measurement and reporting. Unfortunately for employee psychological health – where there is no requirement to report information – the provision of Better Specialist Support was the lowest scoring area of the benchmark.  While it is likely that companies have more policies in place than they are reporting externally, this does worry us.  Now more than ever companies need to demonstrate their resilience and that must include proactively maintaining the mental wellbeing of their staff.

The publication of the Workwell FTSE 100 benchmark results opens a new chapter in measurement and transparency of employee engagement and wellbeing.  BITC has lead corporate responsibility reporting for over 10 years and seen organisations build their confidence in reporting environmental and societal benefits.  Now we are encouraging organisations to use the data they hold to demonstrate responsible people management and drive performance improvements.  Employees must be at the centre of business and organisational strategy – for both their sake and the sake of the organisation.

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