The World Economic Gender Gap Report 2012-UK ranking stabilises-just


The Gender Gap Index rating for the United Kingdom tracked over the past 5 years shows that the overall rating for the UK has seen a fall from 9th in 2006 to18th in 2012.  This comes despite progress on women on boards as other employment measures have seen a move backwards. Employers need to continue to make progress on women's employment and progression to keep up with our global competitors.
The index is a way of recording and  tracking gender inequalities and focuses on the following  three main concepts across health, education, political and economic criteria using
  • Measuring vs. levels
  • Outcomes vs. means
  • Gender equality vs. women’s empowerment
  • In addition the index reports on four subdivisions:
  • Economic participation and opportunity,
  • Educational attainment
  • Health and survival
  • Political empowerment.

Watch the video and download  the 2012 Global Gender Index