Gender pay gap reporting: BITC urges government to make action plans mandatory

Many companies are using International Women’s Day (Sunday, 8 March) as a prompt to publish their gender pay gap. This year Business in the Community (BITC) is calling on the government to make it mandatory to publish not just a gender pay gap figure but also a plan of action, and a rationale to show to that they understand where their gender pay gap comes from.

Charlotte Woodworth, gender director at Business in the Community, says:

“This year’s International Women’s Day falls at a time of intense debate around women’s rights and wellbeing, particularly in the world of work.

“Here in the UK, efforts to improve the lot of women at work have had patchy success. The introduction of shared parental leave was rightly celebrated, but five years on and take up remains abysmally low. Last year, the gap in pay between full-time working men and women widened.

 “Considering what employers and government can do to accelerate the pace of change, BITC is calling on government to strengthen legislation around gender pay gap reporting.

 “The UK was one of the first countries in the world to introduce gender pay gap reporting and the law has played a key role in shining a light on the persistent, stubborn problem of unequal pay. But we now need to go further.

“We are calling on government to require that alongside revealing any gap in pay, companies also develop and make public their plans to tackle it.

“Our experience has shown that when businesses understand what’s driving their gap, closing it becomes a lot easier.  No employer committed to gender equality would balk at being asked to develop plans to address persistent gaps in pay, but it’s up to the government to ensure they give this issue the priority and attention it deserves.”


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