Use of NDAs in harassment cases ‘can contribute to cover-up culture’: BITC responds to Acas announcement

In response to this morning’s guidance issued by Acas on the prevention of misuse of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in workplace harassment cases, Charlotte Woodworth, gender equality director at Business in the Community, responds:

“Acas is right to challenge the misuse of non-disclosure agreements. Using such contracts to effectively silence women, and men, from speaking about the treatment they have experienced can contribute to a cover-up culture, and hide the scale of a particular business’s problems.

“This use of NDAs contributes to a culture of silence and exacerbates the imbalance of power. The onus should be on the employer to act and prevent harassment in the workplace rather than on the employee to denounce it.

“The use of NDAs in harassment cases is bad for people who have experienced inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, bad for those that might in the future and does not serve businesses’ long-term interests.”


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