Business Class Clusters - North West

The wide variety of organisations and businesses involved in the North West cluster means that we can support each other and try to ensure that the different school’s objectives are met, even when their individual partners have struggled to offer the specific assistance they needed.


Business Class Clusters meet once a term to share best practice and pool resources across partner schools and businesses. The model means great ideas can be shared – both locally and nationally – enabling Business Class to raise the game in terms of quality and impact across the UK.

These geographical clusters provide access to a wider group of organisations and support long-term sustainability. Each cluster appoints a high-profile business champion to lead this development. Through termly meetings they share ideas and experiences, discuss ways of tackling any issues raised and work together to support projects.

In the North West, the cluster areas include Burnley, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Blackburn, Pendle (coming soon) and Salford.

For Manchester & Salford:

Mary Dees - Regional Education Manager
T: 07718 792225

For Burnley and Pendle:

Clare Hutchinson - Education Manager, Burnley
T: 07734 990559

For Liverpool:

Annie Gosling - Education Manager, Liverpool
T: 07713 121898

For Preston and Blackburn:

Paul Symes - Education Manager, Lancashire
T: 07989 651 321