Mark Duddridge

Managing Director, Ginsters, 

Mark is the Managing Director of Ginsters and is a Director of Samworth Brothers, Ginsters’ parent company.

Mark has worked in the chilled food and biscuit markets since leaving university in 1984. He joined Samworth Brothers in 1997 and has managed a number of the company's sandwich and pastry businesses.

In 1999, Mark took over as Managing Director at Ginsters at a time when the business was facing a very tough trading period. Over the years that followed, he built a very strong and committed team at the company and the Ginsters’ brand sales have grown from £90 million to over £200 million during the past ten years. Ginsters is now a Brand leader across the UK and one of the top 10 chilled brands in the country. Mark hopes that Ginsters success has helped show other local companies that being located in a rural area can be a competitive advantage, rather than a weakness.