Advisory Case Study: Stakeholder Engagement Workshop - British Airways

British Airways approached BITC as it was looking to review its approach to stakeholder engagement in order to finalise its CSR strategy and ensure it was focusing on the right key issues for the company.

British Airways logoWhat we did

  1. BITC held a stakeholder engagement workshop with various internal functions to map and establish priorities for the business and develop an understanding of how the company can undertake a review of its key issues.

  2. BITC developed an external stakeholder engagement toolkit so BA could undertake a consultation around materiality with key external stakeholders.

  3. BITC reviewed the company’s current CSR governance structure and provided guidance for sustainability leadership and enhanced integration of CSR.

What we delivered

Business benefits

BITC delivered a workshop and a stakeholder engagement toolkit. The toolkit included guidelines on stakeholder prioritisation, how to plan the engagement and different interview questions; and data analysis and follow up.

The document offered BA guidance for long-term engagement with external stakeholders, especially around identifying key issues for the business. It included clear actions and practical steps to promote cross-functional collaboration and efficient use of resources and time.

BITC delivered a governance review workshop. During the workshop participants had a chance to work through how to implement accountability for sustainability within its current structure. Participants also discussed the role, remit and lines of communication/report between different levels of the proposed governance structure.

Understanding of the business case for stakeholder engagement and best practice examples

Prioritisation of external stakeholders and identification of different methods of engagement

Improved internal stakeholder engagement at senior level and increased cooperation between departments, including cross-functional knowledge of ongoing stakeholder engagement activities

Development of internal toolkits to support focus teams within the business in engaging relevant stakeholder groups

Demonstrable link between business and CSR priorities and guidance on how to integrate them