Advisory Case Study: Strategy Development - Camelot

BITC worked together with Camelot Group (Camelot) to provide critical feedback on the company’s draft Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy.

Business benefits

  • Understanding of what constitutes best practice in CR strategy development.
  • Gap analysis of the draft CR strategy, identifying both the strengths and weaker aspects.
  • Clear recommendations on how to improve the CR strategy.

Our impact

  • BITC’s work provided Camelot with a best practice framework for developing a robust CR strategy.
  • The project also highlighted gaps within the draft framework and provided recommendations for improvement.
  • BITC continues to advise and work with Camelot to support the finalisation of the new CR strategy.

We were impressed with BITC’s critical review and the support provided by the team was really valuable – especially as we received BITC’s recommendations and suggestions while we were still forming our strategy.

- Ruth Horwitz,
Community Affairs Manager, Camelot
The Opportunity

As the licensed operator of the UK National Lottery, Camelot’s prime business objective is to maximise returns to National Lottery Good Causes in the most efficient and socially-responsible way. It returns one of the highest percentages of lottery revenue back to society in the world and recently had its third Licence term extended until 2023, which will allow it to deliver some £1.7 billion in additional lottery funding to society over the next 11 years.

Camelot’s CR Team was undertaking a strategic exercise to define the future direction and focus of the company’s CR programmes. Camelot’s overall goal was to build on the successful initiatives of the past, develop these further and potentially identify new opportunities for the future.

Camelot had already completed the initial stages of developing the new CR strategy before engaging BITC to carry out a review of the draft documents. The Team had already set key strategic themes for its CR activity and achieved high levels of internal buy-in from senior management.

To complement the information provided by Camelot, BITC also reviewed the company’s latest CR Index submission (2012) and the company’s latest Stakeholder report 2011/2012.