Alliance Boots and Long-Term Change

In 2011, Marco Pagni, a senior director at Alliance Boots, led a group of business leaders on a Seeing is Believing visit to High Down Prison to look at the role of business in reducing reoffending.

We’re asking businesses to come on a journey with Alliance Boots and its task force to try to make a difference on this, no matter how small.

- Marco Pagni,
Group Legal Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer, Alliance Boots

Delegates had the opportunity to hear directly from individuals who serve or have served prison sentences, and learn from successful examples of solutions that can help them rebuild their lives – in particular, through improving employability and employment prospects.


As a result of this powerful day, Alliance Boots have taken some remarkable steps, starting to look at their own recruitment policies in order to try and directly employ more ex-offenders. They have created a ripple effect through their supply chain by setting up a task force to challenge its key suppliers to change their policies on ex-offenders.

The impacts of this visit were amplified in 2012, when Debbie White, Chief Executive UK & Ireland, Sodexo took a group of Seeing is Believing delegates to HMP Forest Bank in Manchester.

Seeing is Believing visits help tackle complex social and environmental issues by working with the most senior business leaders in the UK to bring about systemic change in business practice.

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