Chime Communications plc. - Chime for Change

Climate Change Award in association with the Mayday Journey 2012, Reaccredited 2013, 2014.

Chime Communications’ ambition is to be a leader in the marketing and communication sector and thus consider that climate change has to be a priority. Chime also found it to be an increasingly important part of its customers’ and employees’ expectations. The company has therefore focused its efforts on its biggest impact: the offices, while trying to influence their stakeholders to follow its efforts.


  • In 2011, Chime earned £6 million from clients for its environmental credentials
  • Carbon emissions per full time employee has been reduced every year for the last 5 years, from 3.72 tonnes in 2006 to 2,53 tonnes in 2010. In 2010 the carbon footprint by FTE has thus been reduced by 6%
  • Waste-to-landfill emissions have decreased by approximately 40% since 2008


To achieve its objectives of reducing its carbon footprint, Chime Communications have chosen to focus on four key areas:

  • Setting standards and targets to be spread throughout the company: in 2008 Chime implemented the minimum standards against which each company of the group is assessed and ranked. Those include monthly gas and electricity meter readings, energy-efficient equipments, “bin-sharing” scheme to encourage recycling. Work has also been done to limit the impact of travel: videoconferences, offices gathering, car fleet reduction...

  •  Engaging the employees in the process and encouraging them to be drivers of the change: Chime have invested in internal ad campaigns to raise awareness among the employees on the ways they can help reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Real commitment is shown by top-level staff and relayed by the CSR Champions in charge of driving behaviour change.

  • Working with their suppliers to help them reduce their own impacts: in 2010, Chime have defined minimum environmental standards for its key suppliers and started to work with them in 2011 to improve on their weaknesses. Chime has already engaged in a successful partnership with Accord, a key stationery supplier, which has led to less frequent deliveries, packaging collect and recycling, LPG vehicles.

Chime Communications is showing evidence of its enduring commitment by setting targets for the future. They, for example, have a “zero waste to landfill” aim for 2015.