Cooper Parry: Looking after Number One - Example of Excellence 2011

Bupa Workwell Award
Example of Excellence 2011

After the ‘credit crunch’, Cooper Parry was proactive about supporting the wellbeing of their team members and helping them to make healthy choices in their lives inside and outside of work.  Their subsequent programme reduced absence by 42% to a record low of 1.23%, which resulted in a cost saving of £156,000. 


Cooper Parry wanted to ensure that they had an understanding of the pressures their team members may be under as they went through a period of restructuring – as most companies were – and ensure that they had much more than a policy dealing with stress management. 

They particularly wanted an approach that focussed on much more than stress and gave people tools and information to improve their general wellbeing.  However, they wanted to give their team members information to help them spot the signs of stress in themselves, and their colleagues and to help managers understand their responsibilities and give them the support they would need to manage issues before they became problems.

Cooper Parry’s wellbeing initiative is organised and managed by their HR team who, along with the involvement and feedback of all of their team members, have created a wellbeing programme that, in less than 18 months, has become an accepted term in the firm with a high level of engagement and support from the senior team.

Their approach has been to launch their ‘Looking after Number 1’ scheme which included quarterly themed events, an intranet portal with a range of tools and information, an e-learning programme, healthy lunch choices, wellbeing workshops, fruit provided each month at all of our offices, free fitness sessions, Wednesday walks, complimentary massages and team challenges. These included a pedometer challenge which one of their partners commented “it has been by far the most successful internal event we have ever staged”.

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Business Benefits

  • Absence reduced by 42% to a record low of 1.23% which resulted in a cost saving of £156,000
  • • Cooper Parry came 84th out of 414 small companies in the wellbeing category in a professional services engagement survey