FirstTranspennine - Report Development

FirstTranspennine contacted BITC as the organisation was interested in producing a CR report.

The Challenge

In a report aimed at external stakeholders FirstTranspennine wanted to present information to maximise transparency and avoid data overload for the reader.

What we did

  1. CR Report review - Using our knowledge of CR reporting, BITC identified good examples of CR reports and advised on the most appropriate format for this report.

  2. G4 GRI Guidelines - BITC reviewed the available information against G4 GRI guidelines to establish what relevant information the organisation had at hand to report on.

  3. CR Report framework development - BITC developed a CR report framework that mapped out which areas FirstTranpennine could report on this year, and provided a framework for future reporting activities.

What we delivered

Business benefits

BITC delivered a CR report framework both for the 2014 report and also for future iterations of the report. This gave the business a long-term reporting improvement framework that can be used on an ongoing basis.

First TransPennine was able to produce its first structured CR report, effectively communicating its priorities to external stakeholders. This demonstrated the company’s commitment to transparency and helped the company to build trust between the organisation and external stakeholders.