Prudential, Business Class National Champions Programme

Education Award supported by UKCES, Big Tick 2013

Prudential has developed strategic partnerships with three schools – in London, Reading and Scotland – leading to improvements in the schools and a more engaged workforce.

Business impacts

  • 70% of employee volunteers feel more positive about working at Prudential and 75% would recommend them as an employer
  • Since the programme started, 74% of employee volunteers say they feel “engaged”, compared with 60% two years ago
  • 92% feel their contribution benefits the organisation, while 89% say they understand their local communities better

Social impacts

  • Students gained knowledge and feel more confident, with 93% saying Business Class had improved their local job knowledge and 90% saying they knew which subjects to focus on
  • One school improved its Ofsted report from satisfactory to good, with Business Class activities specifically referenced in the report
  • Prudential has offered internships to the schools and, through a community games scheme, 98% of students tried a new sport that they would like to pursue

Business Class is a unique programme which benefits both the schools we work with, and the employees who take part. Through offering mentoring programmes and apprenticeships to schools in deprived areas, we play a key part in shaping the future job prospects of many young people at a time of significant youth unemployment. At Prudential, we are proud of our strong culture of corporate responsibility...We look forward to continuing to share our skills and resources with the people who need them most.

- Rob Devey,
Chief Executive Officer, Prudential UK and Europe
In 2011, Prudential became champions of Business in the Community’s (BITC) flagship education programme, Business Class. They lead and fund Business Class clusters in London, Reading and Scotland and have long-term partnerships with three schools.

Prudential works in partnership with each school’s leadership, providing support tailored to the needs of the school. This includes:

  • buddying head teachers with senior leaders from Prudential and providing training for school managers

  • mentoring, internship and apprenticeship opportunities for students

  • increasing students’ confidence and knowledge of the jobs market.

Ninety Prudential volunteers are involved, spending around 350 man hours each month – equivalent to just under £100,000.

Prudential’s support for Business Class means that its Chief Operating Officer sits on the national leadership team and the company has facilitated or funded the introduction of 88 other businesses to the programme.