Santander UK - Santander Breakthrough Programme

Asda Enterprise Growth Award, Big Tick, 2013

Santander Breakthrough has helped over 1,300 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create jobs and drive economic growth, while attracting new business and increasing the bank’s share of the UK SME market to over 5%.

Business impact

  • The Growth Capital fund is building closer relationships with existing customers and helping attract new ones - 50% of businesses benefiting from the Fund were new clients to Santander.
  • SME lending has grown by 18% in the last year and the bank’s market share has increased to over 5%.
  • The programme has generated extensive media coverage.

Social impact

  • Financial assistance and business support has helped more than 1,300 SMEs achieve their goals.
  • £5 million in loans from the Growth Capital Fund has led to around 230 new jobs in SMEs.
  • 30 SMEs were taken on two trade missions to the USA and one to Brazil, including one for female entrepreneurs, providing opportunities to break into new markets.

The Santander Breakthrough Programme at a glance

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Santander is committed to supporting British businesses to help fuel job creation, stimulate supply chain demand and drive economic growth. I was a small business owner for three years and being on the other side of the table you realise how important banks are to small businesses and how valuable their support can be.

- Ana Botin,
Chief Executive, Santander UK
Breakthrough was launched in 2011 and targets Britain's fastest growing SMEs. It has helped over 1,300 SMEs in its first year with finance, business and corporate social responsibility support.

The Breakthrough Growth Capital Fund targets SMEs with between £500,000 and £10 million turnover, helping them fulfil their growth potential through funding, resources and knowledge.

Fast-growing SMEs of this size, termed ‘growth champions’, account for two-thirds of all employment created by SMEs in the UK. This means that by supporting them, Santander can make the biggest possible impact on economic growth and job creation.

Breakthrough includes other activities such as trade missions and master classes, which help SMEs of all sizes which aspire to grow. Businesses have the chance to visit other successful companies, learn from leading entrepreneurs and benefit from Santander’s networks.

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