Reducing Re-offending through Employment Guide: practical steps and examples for businesses

BITC Reducing Re-offending through Employment Guide
This guide outlines the steps businesses can take to support ex-offenders into employment; helping to make a real difference to a challenging and costly social issue.
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Four key pathways to supporting people with convictions
  • Removing barriers by reviewing recruitment policies and practices
  • Improving employability by increasing ex-offenders’ skills and experience
  • Offering jobs either directly and/or within the supply chain
  • Widening impact by sharing best practice and encouraging behaviour change

Produced with support from members of the Reducing Re-offending through Employment Network, this guide outlines four key pathways through which businesses can make a significant impact and improve the lives of people with criminal convictions. The guide supports businesses to follow these pathways, setting out practical actions, considerations and examples of each.


Download 1.81 MB