CR Index 2014: Mega trends, risks and opportunities

‘Global mega-trends’ are the macro-economic, environmental and social trends that will force changes in how we approach the decisions we make about business and its future. These are detailed in Business in the Community’s Force for Change publication.

While just 37% of CR Index participants have started to take into account how global mega-trends will affect their business, the number of companies that have carried out formal risk and opportunity processes in the context of global mega-trends is slightly higher (58%). All utility companies and food & beverage producers had completed such a process.

How has assessment of mega-trends impacted on business strategy? In their own words...

Toyota: In the automotive industry we need to pay attention to our resource-use and disposal and on greenhouse gas emissions. We adopt a life cycle approach to environmental responsibility from design to manufacturing, on the road, and end-of-life recycling.

The Co-operative Group: Keeping the business aware of global mega trends has manifested itself in the CR KPIs, for example focusing on obesity in the workplace and water reduction.

Manchester Airports Group: We considered global mega trends in the analysis that has informed our business strategy and our resulting mission, vision and objectives. Our climate change adaptation reports highlighted key risks.

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