CR Index 2014: Stakeholder engagement – quality or quantity?

Nearly all participants of the CR Index have integrated stakeholder engagement into governance and relevant decision-making – a significant improvement over the last decade - with 81% now organising stakeholder forums and inviting key stakeholder representatives to attend board meetings.

More than 90% use stakeholder engagement to consult and negotiate with stakeholders, identity and prioritise key issues, develop strategies, and discuss KPIs and shape external reporting. More than 81% of leading CR Index businesses also collaborate with and empower their stakeholders, with joint learning, delegating decisions to stakeholders, and encouraging them to have a role in governance.

Nearly all CR Index companies (98%) engage with customers on sustainability issues, with 85% of companies showing their use of marketing channels to influence customers to use their products and services in a more sustainable way.

The next area of development is how this stakeholder engagement is mapped, monitored and outcomes reviewed.

There is a significant gap between the proportion that profile and map their stakeholders, and those that use this to determine the method and scope of engagement. Significantly more companies communicate outputs to stakeholder participants, than review how their organisation will respond to the outcomes associated with engagement. Perhaps most surprisingly, given the importance given to stakeholder engagement, only 68% systemically monitor the quality of stakeholder engagement.

Willmott Dixon. Stakeholder mapping occurs on a project by project basis, looking at the positive and negative impacts on each stakeholder group. They communicate, consult, engage and empower the stakeholders.

KPMG engaged a responsible business consultancy to undertake global stakeholder engagement holding a series of workshops to identify and prioritise internal and external stakeholders.

Sky’s stakeholder assessment allows them to make decisions to monitor, inform, build satisfaction levels or work with them on more regular, in-depth engagement to understand issues or concerns.  

Unipart’s stakeholders are assessed and mapped in every major project as part of their Project Delivery System which gauges the impact on clients, suppliers and other stakeholder groups.

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