The Lens… with Emma Bell, One Young World and Sir Richard Lambert, The British Museum and Bloomsbury Publishing

Join Oli Barrett MBE for episode four, series three of The Lens podcast

This month, host Oli Barrett MBE is joined by Emma Bell, Co-Chair FinBiz Task Force for One Young World, and Sir Richard Lambert, Chairman of The British Museum and Bloomsbury Publishing. 

Oli and guests discuss starting points, self-belief and what the future might hold for both employers and young creatives. Plus, we drill down on responsible business, covering everything from the models that work to those that won’t last, sustainability v austerity and our guests’ advice for future generations. We’ll hear more about the extraordinary global platform that is One Young World, and consider what today’s business leaders can learn from history. 

And of course, our host asks both Emma and Sir Richard who they’d most like to meet for coffee and which books they’ll be adding to the famous Lens reading list. 

Our guests

Sir Richard Peter Lambert is a British journalist and business executive. He served as Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry, Chancellor of the University of Warwick and Editor of the Financial Times newspaper. He chairs the board of the British Museum and is Chairman of Bloomsbury Publishing. 

Emma Bell is the Co-Chair of the One Young World FinBiz Task Force, tackling the 17 sustainable development goals from the UN. Emma joined Rcapital in October 2018 to support its portfolio companies with transformation and growth. With a diverse background including finance, marketing, sales and technology, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across sectors. 

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