The Lens with Andrea Barrett, Centrica

Join Oli Barrett MBE for episode five, series three of The Lens Bitesize

In this episode, Oli Barrett is joined by Andrea Barrett, Director of Responsible Business at Centrica, for a remote conversation on the company’s response to the pandemic and what leaders stand to learn from this scenario.

Build back better…

Our guest

Andrea Barrett is Director of Responsible Business at Centrica. Tasked with helping customers live more sustainable lives, Andrea is a problem solver for the future, creating long-term strategies for a low-carbon future.

Andrea has previously worked with Free Hands, the professional training and coaching charity, and has held Corporate Responsibility roles at the likes of British Gas, Tesco, and British Red Cross.

The Lens Bitesize

The Lens Bitesize is a series of micro-episodes featuring senior leaders from the business community. In each episode our host, Oli Barrett MBE, asks his guests about their responses to the COVID crisis and what can be done to future proof businesses, making them more responsible and equipped to deal with challenges, great and small.

About The Lens

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