The Lens… with Abbie Morris of Compare Ethics

Join host Oli Barrett MBE for episode ten, series three of The Lens Bitesize

Our guest today

Abbie Morris is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Compare Ethics. Ethical clothing with serious style.

A sustainability and policy expert, formerly at AEQ Global, Abbie has led global teams in solving complex policy challenges, including leading a presidential campaign in west Africa. Previously securing relationships with the United Nations, World Economic Forum and other international organisations, communication is at the heart of her approach to business.

Abbie has also made thought leadership contributions to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), spearheading the first Sustainability Working Group and launching the CBI’s first circular economy product.

As the CEO of a start-up committed to using technology to solve modern challenges, Abbie has a unique insight on the socio-economic impact of investing in sustainability at scale. She was named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in this year’s Retail and Ecommerce category.

About The Lens

The Lens Bitesize is a series of micro-episodes featuring senior leaders from the business community. In each episode our host, entrepreneur Oli Barrett MBE, asks his guests about their responses to the COVID-19 crisis and what can be done to future-proof businesses, making them more responsible and equipped to deal with challenges, great and small.

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