The Lens with…Cleo Lyn, Managing Director, Cleone Foods

Join host Nick Corrigan for episode 24, series three of The Lens Bitesize

Our guest today

Cleo Lyn is Managing Director of Cleone Foods. Formed in Birmingham in 1988 by her father Wade, Cleone Foods produce and distribute Jamaican patties under their registered trademark Island Delight. Cleone Foods and their recognisable branded Island Delight patties continue to go from strength to strength and employ 68 staff, boosting the Birmingham economy. Cleone Foods is recognised as a leading business, particularly in the fields of responsible business ethics and Afro-Caribbean business community.

About The Lens

The Lens Bitesize is a series of micro-episodes featuring senior leaders from the business community hosted by Nick Corrigan Head of Responsible Business Management Training at Business in the Community (BITC),

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