The Lens… with Dave Parry, Chief People Officer, Gymshark

Join host Nick Corrigan for episode 18, series three of The Lens Bitesize

Our guest today

Dave Parry is Chief People Officer at Gymshark, where his primary focus is to ensure that culture remains at the heart of the company’s operations.

Gymshark is a fast-growing business that is becoming one of the most recognised sportswear brands in the world. Dave ensures that the strategic operations align with the company’s culture, values and vision, which are focused on uniting the conditioning community.

Prior to joining Gymshark, he was the owner of business coaching and change consultancy The Art of the Possible. The company provided coaching as well as leadership and management guidance in order to effect positive cultural and behavioural change within organisations.

As an Associate at a number of leading training and development solutions companies including Instep, Dave expanded his expertise in development and behaviour change for businesses. He introduced mBraining to the UK and is Co-Founder of mBraining UK, which uses NLP, cognitive linguistics and behavioural modelling to harness multiple intelligences.

Dave started his career and his fascination with leadership in the military and later at the at multi-national dairy company, Müller, where he was responsible for learning and organisational development. In his first role at Müller, one of the UK’s most popular yoghurt brands, he was engaged in FMCG production management.

He serves as Director at Wrexham Gymnastics Club and is a member of the International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer’s Association (INLPTA). Dave is also a certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner and trainer, which authorises him to train others in the discipline, as well as apply NLP in his coaching in order to guide and support individuals and teams to reach their goals.

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