The Lens…with Fiona Smith-Laittan, VP & Head of the Global Health Unit, GSK

Join host Oli Barrett MBE for episode 14, series three of The Lens Bitesize

Our guest today

Fiona Smith-Laittan is VP & Head of the Global Health Unit reporting to the President, Global Affairs at GSK. The Global Health Unit is the coordination point for GSK’s enterprise-wide Global Health activities which is led by three global businesses: Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer, and focus on the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in children and adolescents in the developing world.

The Unit also has responsibility for GSK’s corporate Global Health programmes, such as its pioneering Save the Children partnership, albendazole donation programme and GSK’s emergency response to humanitarian disasters.

Fiona has worked at GSK since 2005 in a variety of commercial leadership roles within UK Pharmaceuticals and ViiV Healthcare, and in strategy, delivery and operational roles in R&D, the Office of the CEO and Communications & Government Affairs. She holds an Executive MBA from the London Business School, and an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge.

About The Lens

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