Ageing population

The workforce in the UK is changing fast and you need to act now to unlock the opportunities of multigeneration teams. By 2020 one in three workers will be over 50 (Office for National Statistics), and by 2030 half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 (Department for Work and Pensions).  Understanding the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population is vital if we all want to create productive, innovative and inclusive multi-generational teams as we all lead longer working lives.

Business in the Community (BITC) supports employers to respond effectively to the ageing population and the needs of older workers and to leverage the benefits of effective intergenerational working.

Compared to gender, race or disability, age is often neglected as a diversity issue. Under the Equality Act 2010, employers have the same responsibilities and legal obligations in relation to age as to any other protected characteristics. However, our surveys and other evidence suggest many employers and individuals do not yet approach age discrimination in the same way.

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COVID-19: economic impact on age in the workplace

How to promote inter-generational fairness, build consensus between generations and avoid any development of inter-generational conflict of opinion and interest.

Missing Link: An ageing workforce in the digital era: older workers, technology and skills

The Missing Link: An ageing workforce in the digital era provides an insight into older workers’ attitudes towards skills, training and automation.