Business in the Community (BITC) exists to build healthy communities with successful businesses at their heart. Using our expertise and network of business leaders, BITC helps employers to channel their leadership, innovation and scale. This enables them to address social, economic and environmental challenges in specific locations around the UK by working alongside public sector and voluntary organisations within their communities.

Our towns and cities have always been at the heart of economic development and the creation of prosperity whether as marketplaces or as centres of enterprise, knowledge, culture, learning and innovation. However, the forces changing the way we live work and learn today, exacerbated by the advances in digital technology, are leaving too many communities behind. There is an gap between those who are benefitting from the changes and those who are not. This is creating a fracture in society and a breakdown in trust between business and society which demands a strong business-led response.

Find out how Business in the Community is building thriving communities where people want to live and work.

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Webinar: Building the Movement: South West 2020

Attendees will learn more about place-based approaches within the region and beyond. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore the potential in joining local organisations together to support regeneration and to learn more about effective intervention.

Building the Movement: West Midlands 2020

This event is focused on engaging organisations from the West Midlands region. Attendees will learn more about place-based approaches within the region and beyond, and explore the potential of local organisations joining together to support regeneration.

Webinar: Food workshop 2 – Food and Community Resilience

To tackle hunger in the recovery, we need resilient communities. In this Food and Community Resilience workshop, those attending will hear from businesses that are part of city region food systems, which are working on nutrition and supporting schools as food hubs.

Webinar: Food workshop 1 – Crisis Provision

Attendees will hear from businesses who have had a real impact in tackling food insecurity in communities across the UK.

COVID-19: National Business Response Network secures £1m investment from London Stock Exchange Group and hits more than 400 business and community matches