Ban the Box endorsing organisations

A number of voluntary sector organisation endorse Ban the Box. They are involved in the development of the campaign and contribute their expertise to the cause.

Media for Development


Graham Beech, Strategic Development Director, explains:

Nacro is delighted to be asked to support the Ban the Box campaign. Far from removing an employer’s right to ask applicants questions about previous convictions, Ban the Box is campaigning for those questions to be asked at a later, more appropriate point in the recruitment process. This will help to ensure that employers assess applicants on the grounds of their ability to do the job, rather than rejecting them at the outset based on a tick box approach to their convictions. Advising and supporting employers to undertake safer recruitment processes is a key part of our work at Nacro. We believe that this campaign will help employers to consider applicants first and foremost on their merits. In line with Nacro’s wider aims, this should enable people who have put their criminal past behind them to get into work so they can become productive, financially independent members of society. This is why Nacro is supporting the Ban the Box campaign.

Recruit with Conviction

St Giles Trust

Maggie Cramb, Head of Skills and Employment, St Giles Trust, explains:

St Giles Trust is delighted to be supporting Ban the Box.  A stable job reduces the likelihood of re-offending by as much as a third yet ex-offenders face real barriers when trying to enter the workforce.  As a leading employer of ex-offenders we know that those who have been given a chance really seize the opportunity and can often end up being our very best employees.  Before being given this opportunity, they had experienced multiple rejections because of the box they had to tick disclosing previous convictions.  By not giving ex-offenders a chance, potential employers are missing out on a huge pool of talent and condemning many people to a cycle of re-offending and prison.


Chris Stacey, Director (Services), explains:

"Unlock believes that Ban the Box is an effective way in which employers can give themselves the best chance to find the right person for their organisation by considering the criminal convictions of applicants further down the recruitment process. This enables companies to firstly judge applicants on their merits, and then to look at the relevance convictions at a later stage where appropriate. From experience, we know that this works best for both employers and individual applicants."


Working Chance

"Working Chance endorses the Ban the Box campaign. We’re proud to have been part of Ban the Box from conception in collaboration with a number of organisations. The aim of the campaign is to increase the opportunity for people with convictions to compete for jobs. Last year we worked with more than 50 employers, all of whom were willing to consider our candidates on their merits but we need more employers to be inclusive in their recruitment processes. We hope the Ban the Box campaign will help us to give more women ex-offenders a Working Chance."

We would like to hear from any sector organisations that support Ban the Box or who work with people with criminal convictions. Please contact us via our online form to share relevant information to inform the campaign.