Ban the Box webinar roundup: How to Ban the Box with Adnams and Ricoh

Webinar roundup of our May 2015 How to Ban the Box webinar, which focused on diversity. Speakers from Adnams and Ricoh shared why they had banned the box, and how opening opportunities for ex-offenders has had an impact their workforce.

On 19 May we held the sixth in our series of How to Ban the Box webinars. The webinar explored the impact of Ban the Box on diversity, and two HR professionals shared how Ban the Box works for their business.

Our speakers:

  • Faye Goldman - Work Inclusion Campaign Manager, Business in the Community

  • Kelly White - Senior HR Advisor, Adnams

  • Tony Hay - Future Talent Manager, Ricoh

Ban the Box and diversity

Faye opened the webinar by introducing the Ban the Box campaign, and giving an update on the campaign's progress so far. She gave an overview of diversity within the criminal justice system and explained why banning the box is relevent to creating a diverse workforce.

Creating an inclusive culture

Kelly White then discussed Adnams' culture of inclusivity and trust, and how this informs their recruitment process. She explained that Adnams use an alternative system to application forms in order to find the right person for the role. Kelly explained that Adnams have signed up to the campaign because it fits into Adnams culture of 'doing the right thing'.

A rewarding change

Future Talent Manager Tony Hay spoke about why and how Ricoh have banned the box. He explained how the company sought to engage key internal stakeholders in the campaign, before changing their processes. Tony also shared some examples of how Ban the Box has impacted Ricoh, as well as speaking about some of the individuals who have been able to access employment as a result of removing the tick box.

What to know more?

Get more information about the campaign and the companies who have signed up with our resources.

If you have banned the box, or would like some support to do so, then get in touch with us.