Ban the Box webinar roundup: Three perspectives

On 15 September we held the latest in our series of How to Ban the Box webinars. The webinar highlighted the importance of Ban the Box from the perspective of the employer, the campaigner, and the job-seeker.

Our speakers:

  •  Faye Goldman – Work Inclusion Campaign Manager, Business in the Community

  •  George Whalley – Head of HR, Trafford Housing Trust

  •  Robbie – an ex-offender, now in employment with a Ban the Box company

The campaigner's perspective

Faye opened the webinar by giving some background to the Ban the Box campaign, why the explaining why the campaign was launched, and giving the campaigner’s perspective on why it is important. She gave an overview of progress so far, and gave an insight into her role as the campaigner, highlighting the support that is available for companies that wish to Ban the Box.

The employer's perspective

George Whalley then shared his perspective on Ban the Box as an employer. George provided some background about Trafford Housing Trust, and explained why Ban the Box is a logical step for housing associations. He spoke about the process of banning the box, and how the company has been able to implement the change with support from BITC.

The job-seeker’s perspective

Faye then interviewed Robbie – Robbie has a criminal record, and struggled to find job after leaving prison. He reflected on the negative impact of being rejected countless times, and spoke about the challenges people with criminal convictions face when trying to move on from past mistakes. Now, he explained, he is employed thanks to Ban the Box. Robbie shared the impact this has had on his life, and why being given a second chance has made him a very loyal and hard-working employee. Robbie emphasised the importance of the campaign, and why more companies should sign up. 

What to know more?

Get more information about the campaign and the companies who have signed up with our resources.

If you have banned the box, or would like some support to do so, then get in touch with us.