Caroline Seldon

Caroline has been seconded from Fujitsu to work in Basingstoke and Deane.

Pre-secondment role: Practice Head leading a team of designers and architects and Community Manager for the Design and Architect Professional Community

Seconded in: Basingstoke and Deane

Business Connector Role Overview

Basingstoke and Deane is a large borough and have both urban and rural needs. The challenges facing the borough are around housing and services, education and skills development for children and young adults and adult unemployment which has increased vulnerability and depression. Caroline is focusing on a number of key areas; engaging and developing young adults around future employment opportunities, ensuring services and support are available to those that need it and developing the skills for individuals, charities and community organisations.

It’s fantastic that so many organisations are seconding Business Connectors. Now, having met some of the Business Connectors myself, and seen the good they are already doing and the results achieved, Fujitsu is delighted to be heavily involved in this initiative.

- Duncan Tait,
Chief Executive, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

In particular my projects should help to create job prospects for local people and development local services which increase social inclusion and enhance education opportunities.

Case study – Employment in Basingstoke

Caroline is helping local people and organisations address some of the issues by working with local businesses and engaging them with projects that will:

  • Support charities and local community groups develop new skills and enhance their current offerings to support these needs.

  • Support social entrepreneurs to help the local needs and grow themselves.

  • Support local businesses to understand more about how they can get involved and make a difference.

Key Achievements

  • Connecting the local Job Club with local businesses; increasing visibility of job opportunities and work placements plus highlighting new resources pools for the companies.

  • Creating new skills and funding streams for small local charities.

  • Creating partnerships to enable a new community hub providing support and services to the local community and development opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

  • Linking expertise to small local charity to help them develop.

  • Linking organisations to a local charity to help them raise their profile.

  • Created partnerships which will help sustainability of our local FoodBank.

  • Recruiting new organisations to support our local education charity to enable more young adults to gain mentoring and support when needed.

  • Creating new partnerships for our education charity to support the ongoing development of 13 year olds around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

  • Facilitating the development of a local charities around their infrastructure particularly business planning and finance.

Business Quote:

"Last year, we became the technology partner to BITC on its crucial Business Connectors programme, and are keen to use today’s news of its new funding to announce we will join the growing number of companies seconding people to the programme. I am delighted Kelly and Caroline will be able to make a tangible difference in their local communities." Duncan Tait, Chief Executive, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

Connector quote:

“This has been an amazing time so far, meeting great people and organisations doing good within the local neighbourhood. There is a lot of work started and progressing within the borough with loads of ideas for achieving more. I am privileged to work with these organisations, within these communities and with the full support of Fujitsu. Fujitsu has two business connectors, me and Kelly (in Salford) and we aim to make this so successful that they second more Business Connectors in the future. I have learnt a lot about myself already and will continue developing through this year.” Caroline Seldon