Measuring the contribution of Business Connectors

The contribution that Business Connectors make to their communities is clear to see through the effect that connections have on community organisations. However, quantifying the value of this contribution would be impossible without a consistent way of measuring the activities of Business Connectors at local level.

- David Pritchard,
Head of Measurement and Evaluation, New Philanthropy Capital
BITC Connect is a unique online measurement tool developed by Fujitsu, New Philanthropy Capital and Business in the Community to evidence the contribution of Business Connectors to communities across the country.

Measurement of voluntary activity has proved challenging in the past, meaning that charities and businesses can struggle to report accurately on the true value of their activities beyond simply counting the numbers of organisations or individuals benefitting. This is particularly true where activities are locally driven and needs-led as is the case with the Connector programme.

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BITC Connect is hosted by Fujitsu and underpinned by a Theory of Change and set of measurement tools devised by New Philanthropy Capital.

The Business Connector programme:

  • Is needs-led and designed to have a significant positive impact in local communities of greatest need.

  • Recruits and trains a comprehensive network of talented individuals from business and the civil service to deliver the programme in local areas.

  • Encourages and supports business to work in partnership with local community organisations on the areas of Education, Enterprise, Employment and Community Cohesion.

  • Will increase the capacity and sustainability of local community groups and charities by facilitating business support.

“In order to demonstrate the power of connections at a local level, and also the overall culture change that is taking place, it is crucial that we have a tool that allows us to see the full picture of Business Connector activity across the country.”
Paul Buchanan, National Community Director, BITC.

How it works

Connectors input information about their local activities as they happen, including information on the community groups and businesses involved, the issues addressed, the value of support offered by business and the role played by the Business Connector. The organisations that our Business Connectors work with are later sent a specially designed questionnaire, giving them the opportunity to articulate the significance of the support they received (or provided) to their organisation and, critically, to their service users. 

This information is analysed in order to produce summary reports of the contribution of all Business Connectors across the country.  Amongst other things, the data also provide detail on which areas of need are being addressed most often, how many community organisations have received support overall, and most importantly, the value of this support.